Programs - Pack Night - Jan-Apr 2007

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Pack Night - January to April 2007

The program consists of a laminated sheet of paper..

6:30 Grand Howl/Flag/Inspection/Subs
6.35 Game
7:00 Work
7:55 Drink
8:00 Game
8:25 Grand Howl/Flag /Notices/Dismiss


What we are doing

9 January

Emergency Aid
13 January – Chess Competition

16 January

Emergency Aid

23 January

Emergency Aid
27 January – Mark Sutton Competition

30 January

Emergency Aid

6 February

10 February – Swimming Gala

13 February


20 February


27 February

Handcraft – Hand out Challenges

6 March

100 Years of Scouting Challenges

13 March

100 Years of Scouting Challenges
16 March – Red Nose Day

20 March

100 Years of Scouting Challenges

27 March

100 Years of Scouting Challenges

3 April  
10 April  
17 April

22 April – St. George’s Day

24 April  


Badge Details
A copy of the requirements can be found in the Scout folder

2007 Challenges

A rough copy of the 2007 challenges will be handed to the Patrols in January. They are to select or add 25 challenges per patrol, the leaders will set the remaining 25. The deadline for submitting challenges is the end of January. These will then be compiled into a single challenge sheet and be distributed to all Scouts during February. A wall chart will be constructed to keep track of challenges completed and Patrol Leaders are to keep a record (this will include blogs, photos, video and written records). In total there will be 100 challenges on the list and we are aiming to complete 2007 challenges amongst the Troop as a whole.

Leaders Night

The Leaders will be responsible for running this night.

Fun Night

The Scouts are responsible for running this night and deciding what activities will take place after discussion with the Patrols.

Games Night and games in general

Instructions on specific games are to be found in the Scout folder or the games books

Further Resources

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