Programs - Pack Night - May-Aug 2006

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Pack Night - May to August 2006

The program consists of a laminated sheet of paper..

6:30 Grand Howl/Flag/Inspection/Subs
6.35 Game
7:00 Work
7:55 Drink
8:00 Game
8:25 Grand Howl/Flag /Notices/Dismiss


What we are doing

2 May

Hike Practice

9 May  
16 May

Board Games/Card Games/Puzzles

23 May


30 May

Wild West

Hike Camp

6 June

Secret Agents

13 June  
20 June  
27 June  
4 July  
11 July  
18 July  
25 July  
1 August

Scout Camp

8 August  
15 August  
22 August

Pack Holiday

29 August

Group BBQ


1. We have simplified the program even more as we thought it pointless putting the same set times on each program when we all know them inside out.

2. For this program we tried something radical (again!). The Cubs choose their programs and themes a couple of weeks in advance. The initial list included:

Board Games
Wild West
Secret Agents

Court of Law/Rules
Kim’s Games

Leaders Special

Newspaper/Stock Exchange
History of Scouting

3. The reason why the program is so bare is because each month we sat down and the Cubs planned out what they were going to do for the next month, with each week having a different theme. In the end it ranged from fancy dress shootouts to absolute chaos... but it was fun and different. Email for more details on what actually happened.

4. The August dates were left blank because it was up to the Scouts to plan for trips and days out. In the end we did many things include cinema, ice skating, bowling, swimming and more.