Programs - Pack Night - Sep-Dec 2006

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Pack Night - September to December 2006

The program consists of a laminated sheet of paper..

6:30 Grand Howl/Flag/Inspection/Subs
6.35 Game
7:00 Work
7:55 Drink
8:00 Game
8:25 Grand Howl/Flag /Notices/Dismiss


What we are doing

5 September

Ask about programme/Explain about 2007/What to bring next few weeks etc
8-10 Sep. - Sixers Camp

12 September

Global Challenge - Charities

19 September

Global Challenge - Recycling

26 September

Global Challenge - Traditions

3 October

Global Challenge - Conservation

10 October

Global Challenge - International (Non Uniform Week)

17 October

Global Challenge – Finish off

24 October

Jungle Rally Training

31 October

Jungle Rally Training

7 November

Jungle Rally Training

14 November

Jungle Rally Training
18 November - Jungle Rally

21 November

Chef / Home Help

28 November

Chef / Home Help

5 December

Chef / Home Help

12 December

Chef / Home Help

19 December



1. We have simplified the program even more as we thought it pointless putting the same set times on each program when we all know them inside out.

2. We have done these badges and items many times in the past so we have an extensive collection of resources, worksheets and ideas that we use

3. The Jungle Rally is a Cub competition that tests their skills at a variety of bases including: map signs, compass, knots, tracking signs, sign language, European flags, carry a message, pack a rucksack, first aid, countryside code. It also includes a seperate Nature Trophy.